We are accredited agents for most of the UK universities


We provide you with comfortable and convenient accommodation


Provide convenient access for students to and from the airport


Help the student in all his daily needs to adapt to life

University acceptance

Education for a Better Future is a UK-based institution that provides teaching services to those interested in studying in England, America, Australia and Canada and is engaged in attracting students from all countries, providing them with the latest educational information globally.
– We offer many services about universities, language institutes, courses, university admissions at all stages, providing good housing, quiet and comfortable, student visa, transportation and more.
– We provide acceptance for more than 2,000 students a year by providing advice to study abroad, which reinforces our leading role in education internationally.
– We also provide support to students to engage in educational institutions and choose courses that will achieve their goals and aspirations.
– With a long experience in the field of university admission and registration in institutes around the world, in addition to the strong relationships that connect us with many heads of departments as well as staff sections registration and acceptance.

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Contracting with more than 220 British, American, Australian, and Canadian universities With 280 language institutes based in Britain, America, Australia, Canada
We can obtain university admission, whether conditional or unconditional or final acceptance within a very short period. (Letters of acceptance, experience, personal messages, messages explaining the weakness of the rate in some cases). These messages require special rhetorical skills, a sophisticated and persuasive style as well as knowledge of the points that attract the attention of the admission staff and raise the Student competence in their eyes)

  • Provide all academic consultations free of charge
  • Provide all the services needed by the student before traveling and follow up all things that may be encountered after travel
  • Our prices are very competitive compared to the rest of the institutions that deal with study services both in your country and abroad.

One of the most important features of our company, which was praised by many students who have already provided them with a helping hand to obtain university admission or any other services (quick solution – appropriate solutions – the right advice)

Just contact us, and we have to provide the great services you.

Our achievements

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Students / year




Studying an accredited course could give an excellent opportunity when it comes to getting a job in chosen industry.

An accredited course is one that has been approved by a professional body which counts towards professional qualifications and/or registration with a professional body which can benefit in your career.

London PT College is awarding accredited courses in management and accountancy from OTHM, International Association of Bookkeepers (IAB), Education of Business Managers and Administrators (EBMA) and the English-Speaking Board (ESB).



Britain – America – Canada – Australia

  • We offer our students who wish to study English in specialized institutes in countries such as Britain, America, Canada and Australia.
  • We accept the requests of those wishing to study English throughout the year and in all specialties and all stages.
  • We are working on improving the student’s language through these institutes, which are among the most powerful institutes in the world in the teaching of the English language, and the achievement of the stage of excellence in speaking and writing English.
  • Registration for English language courses begins at any time in the year on duration: Three months, six months, nine months, also summer special school available for English courses,
  • We also have special courses in these institutes offering courses in IELTS and this stage qualifies students to enter universities
  • We also provide specialized English language teachers to give private lessons in English

Transport & Accommodation

Insurance of all accommodation requirements

The company provides all services to ensure the good and quiet residence of the students during their stay in Britain by providing good accommodation either through the university or by renting private accommodation from private companies distinguished by its high and good services

University or Institute accommodation the student is sometimes required to stay with an English family and to comply with the dates of exit, entry and food. Some prefer this method and others prefer to stay in a special place and that is provided through our company.

We offer our students all the convenience of traveling within the UK, traveling from British cities to the latest cars they want to rent or on demand, luxury cars with driver or driver.

We have contracts with the offices of many taxi offices to provide quick and immediate transport services to students within the city where they reside or if they want to go to other cities to study or to travel or to go back to and from airports
Our company also provides special driver service when needed and demand.
Our company organizes trips for students inside and outside the UK during holidays on the latest buses

As part of the student registration process, the student is given a card that allows him to get a discount when visiting some of the restaurants with which we have good relations with Britain.

Airline booking, Eurostar booking, Train booking. Hotels booking:
we provide booking for all your trip in and out , united kingdom, United states, Canada, Australia.

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ONLINE ( Distance Learning )

Advance your knowledge and skills by studying online with London PT College with the flexibility of studying from anywhere and at any time over the Internet so you can study while you work to achieve your aspirations without taking a break from your career.
Online and distance learning at London PT college offers a new way of combining innovative learning and teaching techniques with interaction with your tutors and fellow students from around the world.
Delivered via self-study and web-based resources, our online distance learning courses allow you to enjoy education fully online. This makes them an ideal form of learning if you need to study alongside other commitments.

Distance Learning, also known as online learning is a flexible approach to the teaching of London PT College.
Students expect to receive same level of supervision and support however; the learning materials will be available virtually. Teaching and support sessions will take place through audio-visual communication services.

London PT College students be it on any online course will have access to a cutting-edge digital platform throughout their online studies. Our teaching methods have moved beyond the traditional classroom system, instead, we use cutting edge digital media, highly interactive module formats active student participation and social connectivity to provide a more dynamic learning experience.
With the online program, students will be able to engage directly with the curriculum using the following tools:
•  Video lectures: Students will be able to access learning material at any time using any device.
•  Interactive coursework and case studies: actively participating in learning exercises
•  Social interaction: Students will be able to communicate, connect with personal tutors and module leaders online.
Students will have access to Online library, enquiries and other admissions and enrolments needs via LPT college virtual system.

Depending on the program’s students choose to study, each program is divided into separate teaching sessions, each teaching session is interactive, usually once a week (2 hours with short breaks in between). During the session, students will be able to present their work and discuss case study exercises.
Online students will benefit from the same expert teaching as face to face students:
•  You will be taught by highly experienced teachers.
•  Communicating and networking with fellow students in forums and via instant chat will be a regular feature to enhance your learning experience.
Completing assignments and other course works on time (deadlines are structured at reasonable intervals).


Our company (better education for better future) the best passionate team of qualified teachers for teaching.

All our teachers are native speakers of English and some are bilingual. They also have certificates that qualify them to teach English,

such as the TEFT Certificate of Teaching English as a Second Language and the TKT Certificate Cambridge Exam for English Teaching and IELTS.

When a student comes to thank me for helping him get a better job or admission to a university because of his advanced level of English – that is why we are proud of what we offer to our dear students.

Also, we have specialized teachers in all specialties and are ready to provide support and advice and advice during the stages of the study phase, both in institutes or universities



Required papers for a study visa

A copy of : 
Only one picture: size 4 in 6 / white background
A scene from the work (for the employee) or a scene from the university for the student
A paper from the parent to allow you to travel and he will pay your costs or by the scholarship.

Definition of your salary (for the employee) or definition of the salary of the parent
A statement of account for you for 3 months and the balance is 35,000 and above
Acceptance of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

IELTS If you do not have this certificate, you can ask our company to help with this. Through our experience and dealings with universities and institutes, we have multiple solutions.

Apply for a visa from within the UK :

You can extend your visa as a Tier 4 student by applying in person to the Home Office UKBA by sending the application by mail, before your visa expires. Students can apply for an extension of the visa 3 months prior to their expiration date. The Department of Passports charges fees for this. A personal application costs £ 650, and a mail order costs £ 357

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Keen to learn a new language, have cultural experiences and exciting at the same time promote your resume? Do you have problems finding the right way or are not sure how to apply?
Personally, we have had the same experiences encountered the same difficulties; that is why we are able to understand the problems from the point of view and offer excellent advice for you to start your academic study trip in the UK, UK, Australia, America or Canada
Please feel free to contact us, write to us via email or visit our office in beautiful British capital London.
We are accredited agents for most British universities and especially recommended by the Ministry of Higher Education, and we have documented and official contracts with them
We are accredited agents of more than 66 English language institutes in Britain and Ireland

America – Australia – Canada

– We also have many contracts with the most important American, Australian and Canadian universities accredited by the Ministries of Higher Education.
– With the assistance of thousands of students wishing to study abroad, we have provided all the required solutions that we have requested from our company in addition to providing accommodation, travel and transportation.
– We also provide trainers and private tutors and special courses for some students who wish to do so.

Our admissions include all areas:

Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering of all kinds, Law, English Literature, Business Administration, Education in all its branches, Computer Science, Marketing, Human Medicine, Mathematics, Physics, Nursing, ART, carton movie maker.

– Also, there are special courses in summer courses in design, fashion, makeup, hair styling, … Etc and more
– We can secure acceptances in less than three days.
– We can provide comfortable accommodation according to the student’s choice.
– Secure the delivery of the student to and from the airport.
– Help the student in all his daily needs so as to adapt to life in these countries.

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